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NATP Tax Season Updates

Get ready to tackle the upcoming tax season

Learn the latest in tax law changes, guidance and forms with practical, real-life examples. Our Tax Season Updates events offer comprehensive information on the latest legislation, expiring provisions and IRS updates, giving you the confidence to adapt and cater to your clients' needs. The sessions are designed to strengthen your tax knowledge, leaving you prepared to effectively serve your clients in any situation. With the chance to earn up to 16 CPE, we’ll cover issues you’ll most likely see during the 2025 tax season when preparing the 2024 tax returns.  

Topics include:

Day 1: Essential Tax Law for Individuals and Businesses

  • SECURE 2.0 – what tax pros need to know for 2024 and 2025

  • An overview of tax benefits related to HSAs, long term care (LTC) policies and working with the self-employed health insurance deduction

  • Individual updates including reconciling clean vehicle energy credits, the new Form 1099-DA, as well as planning for the end of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) provisions

  • Business updates including the last guidance on the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), what you need to know about Form 1099-K reporting for 2024, as well planning for the end of TCJA provisions

  • Individual planning – an overview of what you can do to help your individual clients

Day 2: Trending Topics and Tax Strategies 

  • Correcting missed depreciation using Form 3115

  • Handling the home office deduction for your clients

  • A focus on what you need to know when handling the first year of an estate

    • Focuses on how to report income on the Final 1040, elections tax pros should be aware of and why you might want to file Form 706 even when it is not required

  • Top S corporation issues including reasonable compensation, how to deal with a late S-corp election, as well has how to handle scenarios where assets are used by the business but owned by the shareholder

  • Top partnership issues including guaranteed payments, how to handle accident and health plans, retirement plans for partners and credits available, as well as how to handle unreimbursed partnership expenses

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Tax Season Updates includes January webinar    

Your registration will include a January on-demand webinar that covers any last-minute tax updates and changes for the upcoming season, even if congressional action occurs late in the year.  

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